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This is the website in the making . As this page is currently being developed, I will start by introducing myself :

I am 38, a federal contractor by day and a luthier by evening. I’ve been playing bass guitar since 1985, as a result of my nature of tinkering, I learned early how to do basic setup work, wiring and just general modifying.  I got my start building my own instruments in late 2006. At the time, this was prior to me marrying my wife in 2007 and I had financed a……let’s just say a pricey bass. Needless to say, with the upcoming nuptials  and such, the wife was not very happy with me. At that moment, I made a deal that I would not buy another instrument (at least at that cost) and would build my own, if I wanted another one.

And just like that, there was another one, and another one, and another (bad habit to have, lol). After some gigging with various local bands, the instruments began to gain their own attention and here we are.

From there, I would also get repairs, modifications, setups, etc., but the real passion is building “one-off” customs. This got me into inlay work and added just another layer of crazy to the whole recipe.


More to come later.


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